Friday, April 22, 2011

RC-FFSS Year of the Bunny Show Photos

Hello everyone and welcome to our first show of the year!

Beautiful Hall again, thanks to The Chevrons!

Yuki-san with a Brown Tabby Persian kitten

Decisions, decisions..

Carolyn's Top 3 Kittens

Yuki-san's top 4 Kittens

A Longhair Scottish Fold with Yuki-san

Carolyn judges a Golden Tabby Siberian

Bob's Best Cat in Championship

Best in Championship Persian & 3rd Best Ragdoll with Dennis

Yuki-san with Trumpkin, a Brown Tabby Exotic

Ambritt Zafer for You - Best Cat in Premiership for Dennis.

Tatanchia Tania Phirecoon - Best Cat in Premiership for Bob

Dennis looks over Katie, a Black Domestic Shorthair Spay

Chip - Carolyn's Best Household Pet

We think Dennis likes Red much..

Jamaalullah talks about Zafer, his Blue British Shorthair

Its the first time for both Azfar & Aldo in JS!

Nurul Ain with Zouli, a Red Tabby Persian Neuter

Haidah shows off Kiddo, her household cat

Amirul and Kecik, a Black Persian neuter

Amanullah with Prokaznitsa, his Brown Tabby & White Siberian cat

Bob asks Sofea questions about Kori, her Ragamuffin

Violet presents Lucky for her first Junior Showmanship outing

Huda with Benjy, her Siberian Cat

Huda - Best Junior

Violet & Amanullah - Bob's 2 best Novices

Three cheers for all our 10 JS Kids!

Special thanks for Royal Canin - DTEM PTE LTD for making this happen!

Thanks to our Judges - we think you had fun!

Zuliati Ku Soren - Best Kiten in Show!

GC Sweet Luck Blue Jewel - Best Championship Cat in Show!

GP Maestro Miki-Blu Sapphire - Best Premiership Cat in Show!

Wyra - Best in Show HHP!

We're really sad to say goodbye - until the next show!

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